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Kidnapped victim of sex trafficking on trial

Τhe victim of sex trafficking was taken to court for “prostitution without having the appropriate paperwork.”

The 19-year-old young woman was kidnapped and forced to prostitution by a police offer who kept her imprisoned  in an apartment in Ilioupolis suburb of south-eastern Athens.

The case came to light when the victim managed to escape her captivity in 2021.  She was brought to trial on the charges of prostitution against money without possessing the required health certificates and license, as well as for drugs possession.

On Monday, the 19-year-old victim of sex trafficking was found not guilty by a court in Athens.

The public prosecutors, in a sensational decision, had referred her to trial for two acts, which, however, according to the Mixed Jury Court of Athens, took place while she was a prisoner.

According to news website news24/7.gr, the girl’s defense submitted to the court an extract from the first-instance decision of the Mixed Jury Court, in support of the claim that “at the time the offense was allegedly committed, the accused continued to detain her until the beginning of May 2021”.

Her lawyers described the victim’s prosecution as “a monument of shame.”

As for the offense of possession of narcotics for personal use, the court declared the act unimpeachable, as it has been converted into a misdemeanor since 2010 and has therefore been abolished.

It is recalled that a few days ago the Prosecutor’s Office of the Supreme Court forwarded an order to the Prosecutor’s Office of First Instance of Athens in order to investigate whether and under what circumstances the 19-year-old woman, who was a victim of trafficking in Ilioupolis, has been referred for trial.

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  1. What was done about the corrupt police officer? This circus gives credibility to the EU and the concern about the rule of law in Greece.