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+++Michael Mosley found dead near a beach of Symi island

The body of missing Dr Michael Mosley was found on Sunday morning close to the beach of Agia Marina on the Greek island of Symi.

The body of the health guru and BBC presenter was located by the crew of state broadcaster ERT TV, when the filming cameraman captured a ‘shining object’, that it turned out to be Mosley’s watch.

Michael Mosley was found dead next to a plot fence at the beach of Agia Marina, 50 meters away from the sea.

After frantic searches by police, coast guard, volunteers and local authorities for four days,  the man was located when ERT journalists processed the footage they had taken from the said area.

Police and local authorities rushed to the spot where Mosley was found, a coroner is expected to arrive from the nearby island of Rhodes where also the autopsy to determine the exact causes of Mosley’s death will take place. While the official identification is still due, all evidence (clothes etc) show that the body belong to the missing Briton.

The found body was wearing exactly the same clothes as his wife had testified to police.

ERT cameraman Antonis Mystiloglou spotted “something shining” on the rocks while he was filming and he focused also there. As soon as he “zoomed” on the footage, he saw a body laying on its back on the rocks.

According to first estimations, Mosley either slipped on the rocks, fell down and died or he suffered a heart attack and fell, ERt reported short after 12 o’ clock noon.

The ERT crew had approached the rocky area on a boat where also the mayor of the island was onboard.

What led to Mosley’s death

For the time being, the possibility of a crime seems to be ruled out, while the body of Michael Mosley appears to have a head injury, probably from a fall, as he has fallen in an upright position, in.gr reported.

Mosley appears to have taken a dangerous path through the mountain with several craggy rocks to get down to the beach of Agia Marina. It is estimated that he  either got dizzy or passed out due to the intense heat or slipped and fell next to the fence causing him to lose his life.

“The features and the clothes he was wearing show that it is him. The watch, the white socks, the Bermuda shorts. Police and Coast Guard forces have arrived at the scene,” said the deputy mayor of Symi, Nikitas Gryllis, speaking to MEGA TV.

Missing for five days


Agios Nikolaos beach – Pedi village – Agia Marina beach where body was found

67-year-old Dr Michael Mosley went missing on Wednesday, June 5, when he left the beach of Agios Nikolaos on foot in the middle of a day with very high temperatures. CCTV footage showed him later entering a mountainous path near the village of Pedi.

A man believed to be Michael Mosley walked with an umbrella past the marina of Pedi village.

He was enjoying vacations on the small island of the south-eastern Aegean Sea together with his wife.

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