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Greece’s FinMin threatens banks over fees and commissions

The Greek government has threatened banks with state intervention unless they reduce the fees they charge to clients for various banking activities.

Speaking on Tuesday at the annual general assembly of the Hellenic Banks Association, Minister of National Economy and Finance Kostis Hatzidakis pointed out that the non-settlement of the issue of bank commissions helps neither the banks, nor the government, nor the society,

He called on Greek banks to adopt fairer systems based on the practices of other European banks or businesses with large client networks in Greece, so that a government legislative intervention is not needed.

PS I can recall that last time the government criticized banks on the same issues, the banks said they would comply and ended up raising the commission for online banking transfers from 0.50 to 0.60 euros

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  1. I agree with you KTG. A few days ago I transferred some money from the UK to my Greek bank. The fee was €4. My previous transfer, several months ago, cost €3.

  2. it’s all a theater when the same government does everything it can to force people to go through banks for every transaction. people left on their own prefer cash ovwehelmingly. of course with cash the banks dont get into any of the action.
    any display of ‘slapping the banks on the hand’ is just a display. if they really wanted to help they could simply withdraw their war on people using cash.

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