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Six fires destroyed over 13,000 hectares in July; Fire Warning Aug 3-5

Wildfires and forest fires destroyed more than 13,000 hectares of forest and woodland in northern Greece, Attica, the eastern and southern islands of the Aegean Sea, the central mainland and the Peloponnese in the month of July, the “Flame” research team of the National Observatory of Athens said on Tuesday. …

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Thousands of hectares burned in Dadia Natural Park, on Lesvos

Over 2,528 hectares have been burnt in the Dadia National Park in North-Eastern Greece following a fire raging since July 21, according to maps of Greece’s National Observatory of Forest Fires (NOFFi) released on Monday. NOFFi, which provides a semi-automatic burned area mapping service (NOFFi-OBAM), also said that over 1,709 …

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Wildfires burn down 1260 hectares alone in Mati, East Attica

Detailed maps showing the extent of the burnt areas in eastern Attica were released on Monday by the forest fires monitoring centre of the Institute for Astronomy, Astrophysics, Space Applications and Remote Sensing (IAASARS) at the National Observatory of Athens. Using a system of Drones/UAV for high resolution spatial analysis, …

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Norman Atlantic: shocking video from the car deck; death toll could reach 27

Dozens of private vehicles and company trucks have been completely burned in the car-deck of the Norman Atlantic ferry. The first images displayed in the media today show the extend of the damage. And not only. Several truck drivers were sleeping in their vehicles, when the fire broke out on …

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