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Referendum: Creditors hide in ATMs to scaremonger Greeks

Referendum YES-supporters will meet Tuesday evening at Syntagma Square outside the Greek Parliament, after NO-supporters organized a huge protest on Monday evening. YES-supporters are backed by opposition parties like New Democracy and a lot of mainstream media journalists. And not only! Some Greeks had a very unpleasant experience Tuesday morning …

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Greek seniors ask Amal Alamuddin-Clooney to help with the Return of the Stolen Pensions

After a glamorously successful visit in Athens, Amal Alamuddin-Clooney is to board on a plane and leave behind the birthplace of civilization and the flashlights showers. Mrs Clooney’s 3-day visit was crowned with numerous lunches and dinners and meetings with the highest representatives of the political and business world. WOW …

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MS Europa Discordia: Italian Paper Likens Merkel to Shipwreck Captain

When Costa Concordia capsized off the Italian coast last week, an official demanded the ship’s captain get back on board to oversee the evacuation. Now his angry words have been aimed at German Chancellor Merkel in an Italian caricature, which shows her escaping the “MS Europa Discordia.” The sentence has taken …

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Greek PM – From “We pay back” to “Need a Breath”

Greek politicians’ slogans change in strict accordance to the country’s path to economic underworld. From the slogan “We ate together the public money” (deputy PM Pangalos) and you will pay everything back as expressed by PM Papandreou in “We will pay back every borrowed euro”  now Greeks are cheered to hear that the …

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Greek Debt Repayment Extension: Ahahaha….

We need a good laugh from time to time. Here is a caricature by famous Greek cartoonist KYR. His sharp pen minimizes in a few words the whole debate about the repayment extension of infamous Greek Debt. First Woman: What did the deceased died from?  Second Woman: From Extension

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