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Referendum: Creditors hide in ATMs to scaremonger Greeks

Referendum YES-supporters will meet Tuesday evening at Syntagma Square outside the Greek Parliament, after NO-supporters organized a huge protest on Monday evening.

YES-supporters are backed by opposition parties like New Democracy and a lot of mainstream media journalists.

And not only! Some Greeks had a very unpleasant experience Tuesday morning when they managed to come closer to an ATM and type their code number, having stood queue since May 2010, or summer 2012, the latets. Instead of three 20-euro banknotes withdawal limit due to capital controls, they got this!

Greece referendum

SAY YES! by caricaturist @dranis85. Enjoy more in his Blog here.

NO-supporters are backed by governing party SYRIZA. Now if the government strikes a deal with creditors tonight, they will suffer a nervous breakdown because they will have to vote YES.

While the Referendum divides Greeks with inflammatory statements that go back to the Greek Civil War,the deal before the Referendum could unite all Greeks, after all.

YES-supporters and NO-supporter may all meet at Syntagma Square and raise their voice against all politicians from every ideology,  creditors included.

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  1. Nobody has to vote anything. At last we will get some real picture what Greece wants and not some unreliable promises from politicians.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Yeah, if under 40% vote that would stick a fine finger to EU, politicians and politics in general and let’s not forget the media that will run amok then.

  2. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    “No pension and wages cuts” – Does Schulz, Gabriel and the other liars will resign?

  3. In my village is 80% for NO.
    they prefere the Draghme.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Say HI to them! – I guess they know why the ECB doesn’t give the Greek banks the Greek savers 120 billion that seem to have disappeared oh so secretly. All Europeans should also get their money out of the banks to see that it’s not existing and learn why all the Governments want to force the people to use cards and e-money.

  4. How come Greeks are complaining that they do not have if they fail to reach agreement with europe ?
    This is the same as one complaining dinner is not served because he just not agree with the price of the food.
    People must choose:They either want EU with its costs..,or they want to go alone.
    Either they want euro or drachma.
    Tsipras was the one who promised everything. Raising wages..,euro..,end of austerity, etc etc.
    Obviously he was not speakig the truth

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Putting back minimum wage to 2010 level is not “raising wages” and a new agreement was never wanted by Europe, “Europe” wanted fulfilment of the 48-pages email that the former government sent as “agreement” on 29th of Nov 2014 when already every body knew that a new government will come.

      • The 2010 minimum wage was a “fake” one inflated by the former PASOK government (at that time Greece had a deficit more than 10%). The minimum wage should be correlated with the country productivity. The government cannot behave like a union leader ….they should be responsible for the country spending and its liabilities. Therefore, probably moving to drachma at least several years would be the best solution for Greeks. Their salaries will be adjusted by the free market.

        • Giaourti Giaourtaki

          Just count in the “missing fleet” that got forgotten from BoG statistiscs
          Pasok did not increase minimum wage, only in unemployment benefit to 70 percent of the minimum wage from 55 percent
          But wait: Karamanlis cut corperate tax from 42% to 20% exactly the 5 billion of the 1st austerity measures (before asking EU)

  5. The Greek people voted for SYRIZA & gave them a mandate to QUIT the EU.
    I am certain that at the moment of the election results & upon realizing that the SYRIZA party had won & were to take office –
    The Greek population began preparing for the stand off that was to come.
    Greeks like other people of the world are not that stupid.
    * a stocking up of food & beverage supply
    * money under the bed
    * a few chickens in the back yard for fresh eggs.
    * maybe some Greeks purchased a freezer ?
    SYRIZA – upon being voted in to office – then ran to the EU Elite for a group hug.
    This is the expected but BELATED result of having votesd SYRIZA in to office.
    It just took longer than everyone expected.
    When every Euro counts, the may payment was definately a waste of money, though.
    When you are on a rolercoster ride, hang on tight.