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Amphipolis: Much Ado about a mysterious tomb without dead?

Excavations in the mysterious tomb of Amphipolis seem to have hit the big wall of deadlock. After having horizontally dug through three chambers, archeologists realized that there is no a fourth chamber, no sarcophagus, no bones of the deceased, no… nothing. so, the whole of the huge tomb was set …

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Debtors in Greece: Would you share your bedroom with the tax office?

Greece’s finance ministry has apparently run out of ideas. Ops! I should immediately correct myself: Greece’s finance ministry has obviously realized that the ideas the team of advisers produce to force citizens to “give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar” – in Modern English that’s “the taxes” –  is sheer …

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Troika – Greek Gov’t talks on primary surplus 2014 deadlocked

Ops! With so much Golden Dawn we almost forgot the Greek debt, the Troika, the austerity and all the relevant plagues. I write ‘almost’ because the bills have been coming in without a break. Anyway, the Troika was here, its representatives spoke with the Greek government and they reached not …

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PM Samaras: “Greece’s Future & Euro-Zone Stability Depend on EU & IMF Decisions”

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras sent a message to European partners and the IMF urging them to take responsibility and move forward in implementing their commitments. Noting that Athens has fulfilled its obligations, he stated that its’ their decisions that will determine the future of Greece, but also the stability of the eurozone. …

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Greeks at Risk to Spend Tough Winter Without Heating Oil

Thank God, temperatures are still mild for this time of the year,  thank God many bought heating oil last spring before the price hikes. Then the raw between Finance Minister and representative of gas station owners threatens to force millions of households to spend a rel tough winter. Apart from the fact …

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Greece at Crossroads or Deadlock?

Pressure is mounting against the Greek government, pressure is coming from inland and abroad. In Greece opposition parties refuse to bless the ‘midterm IMF/EU/ECB plan for 2011-2015’. Ordinary people occupy the major squares of 38 cities and chant “Thieves! Thieves!”.  A governing party EU official drops a bombshell and threatens – some call it ‘blackmailing’ – “More …

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