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Guardian: Greek Euro Exit Would Cost 1 Trillion Euro

Thursday’s front page of British daily The Guardian is impressive. A huge number of  zeros lined up next to each other. An impossible eye-exercise for those suffering of astigmatism! How does one trillion euro look like? “Cost of Greek Euro Exit Put at 1 Trillion The British government is making urgent …

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Ex PM Papandreou’s Adviser: “Greece had Serioulsy Consindered Leaving the Euro” (video)

Richard Parker, American economic professor and adviser to former PM George Papandreou, told SKY NEWS, that the Greek  government had seriously considered the possibility to exit the euro zone but such option was ruled out for economic grounds.  Parker is an economic professor at Harvard University, he advised Papandreou in 2010-2011. Papandreou is been registered …

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German BOSCH-Manager Wants Greece Out of EU and the EURO

A German manager wants to see Greece out of the European Union and the Euro zone. Greeks might want to see German products out of Greece. German manager might lose his job for failing to meet sales targets. German manager will blame Greeks for losing his job. Solutions needed here…  The head of …

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Pros And Cons: Bailout & Austerity or Default & Euro Exit?

 Greece’s Prime Minister Lucas Papademos made a final warning on Saturday night, just hours before the crucial voting on the new austerity bill at the Parliament. In a TV address to the nation, Papademos said Greece was just a breath away from Zero”, that the second bailout and the austerity measures secure that the …

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ToscaFund: Euro Exit Will Lead Greece to Zimbabwe-Style Inflation

Should Greece exit the euro zone the impact would “be more than catastrophic with Zimbabwe-style inflation, social unrests, banks run and a military coup.” This horror-scenario was scripted by Savvas Savouris, chief economist of  Tosca Fund, and was distributed to the clients of the London-based hedge fund. Introducing a new currency in Greece instantaneously …

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Barroso Implies & Warns Greece with Euro-Exit

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso warned Greece that the debt-ridden country had to meet its commitments towards its Euro-zone partners, otherwise it might have to leave the EZ  as he implied. In an interview to German conservative daily «Die Welt»  Barroso stressed among others that the kind of aid to Greece …

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