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Little Maria: not a “blonde angel”, but an “albino Gypsy”?

What??? The biological parents of “blonde angel” Maria are not blonde? How could this happen? Can a geneticist explain how did a dark-haired and dark-skinned Roma woman give birth not to one but to two little blonde Gypsy angels? Or aren’t they “blonde angels” anymore? Now that it was DNA-proven …

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Greek police publishes pictures of the Roma couple holding Maria

Greek police in Larisa published the pictures of the Roma “parents” of little Maria, who was found in a settlement in Farsala last week. The prosecutor ordered the publishing of their pictures together with the blond girl. The publication of the Roma couple and the girl aims to encourage people …

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Greek police searches for biological parents of little blond girl found in Roma settlement

A shock in the assumption the little girl may have been abducted by a couple. Or was it a failed illegal adoption of a new born? A blond girl, approximately four years old, was found in a Roma settlement in Farsala in Central Greece.  she was kept by a couple …

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Farsala: Handcuffs for Debtor Inside Church

 Greece’s financial crimes units (SDOE) seem to be on duty 24/7 to capture big scale debtors and give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar  – translated into modern Greek: Give to the state the taxes one owes.  Despite the holiness and the glory of the religious Epiphany celebrations, the chairman of the …

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