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Greek TV: “Maria is between 5 and 6 years old” dental examination shows

“Dental examination showed that Maria is between 5 and 6 years old,” the reporter of private Mega TV said live from the Hamogelo toy Piadioy, the Greek NGO that currently is taking care of little Maria, the blond girl that was found in a Roma settlement in Farsala, Central Greece.

This examination result is groundbreaking as the Roma couple had claimed that it had gotten the girl in 2009, that Maria was the newborn child of a Bulgarian woman and that the blond angel was now four years old.

The age determination is a painful setback for all parents of missing children from Europe and North America who turned to the Greek NGO sending the pictures of their missing children full of hope that Maria could be their child.

Earlier, Hamogelo toy Paidioy (The smile of the Child) had said that “from the emails and the pictures parents of missing children had sent, there were around 10 cases of children who bear a resemblance to little Maria.”

The age determination will narrow the number of the cases and that only in case Maria was abducted and not acquired directly from the mother.

Mega TV afternoon news video on Maria’s age showing pictures of 8 missing children with resemblance to Maria: 4 cases from the USA, 2 from Poland, 1 from Canada and 1 from France.

Mega TV reporter said also that further examinations were due, also form the hair of little Maria to determine her origin.

on age determination see also: protothema, quoting Xamogelo toy Paidioy chairman saying this information to Skai TV.

For hints or requests, please, contact directly the Smile of the Child (Hamogelo toy Paidioy) per email: [email protected] or per phone: <11600>. Website:

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  1. a bit too much hyping of this story…KTG should err on the side of caution…because the hysteria level has been growing since the story broke.

    gypsies at best have a very tenuous relationship with officialdom, and official documents often remain a mystery for a people living outside the system. don’t forget that many roma often weren’t given greek nationality until very recently…no official ‘identity’ or id cards…of course, many roma must be milking the welfare system for all it is worth – this is what they do as they live in an ‘us and them’ environment…

    so perhaps the parents are indeed involved in child kidnapping, or a sex ring – but most likely it is just the sheer chaos that ensues when gypsy anarchy is suddenly examined under the spotlight of public scrutiny…