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Cycladic female figurine unearthed in Akrotiri excavation Santorini

Important findings have been unearthed in the excavation site of Akrotiri on the island of Santorini. Inside a clay chests from the 16th century BC, archaeologists discovered a Proto-Cycladic female figurine made of marble. The finding delights the community of archaeologists and archaeology fans. Inside rectangular chests made of clay …

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UPD Death toll rises to 90 after Athens wildfires victims die in hospital

Two more victims of Athens wildfires died over the weekend in hospitals of the Greek capital A 55-year-old woman died on Saturday night and an 85-year-old man on Sunday noon. Both were hospitalized in intensive care units since 23. July 2018. The woman had reportedly extensive burn on 90% of …

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Athens: Roma set tires on fire to protest demolition of their settlement

Some two hundred Roma set tires on fire on one of main Athens roads on Tuesday in order to protest the forceful demolition of their settlement. The protest took place at Mesogeion Avenue around Nomismatokopeio metro station where the Roma have been occupying an area for the last 40 years. …

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Theory vs Reality gap revealed by “decent living standards criteria” issued by Greek government

How much money does one need to cover monthly basic needs while living in Greece? Well, it depends…. In fact, it depends on who decides. The Troika, the government institutions, the banks, the employers or just the person concerned? The views seem to vary between the theoretical approach and the …

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It rains taxes: pay until Jan 31/2014 or get heavy fines

Hundreds of thousands of taxpayers have just three days to get their euro banknotes together and pay up to five different taxes, they might be not able to pay due to liquidity shortage. If they miss the deadline, they will be see their debts to the state accumulated due to …

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Greek police searches for biological parents of little blond girl found in Roma settlement

A shock in the assumption the little girl may have been abducted by a couple. Or was it a failed illegal adoption of a new born? A blond girl, approximately four years old, was found in a Roma settlement in Farsala in Central Greece.  she was kept by a couple …

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