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The Troika: Killing the Greek Patient – Softly?

While the Troika meets with several Greek ministers, its demands get more and more absurd. In fact, they are not absurd, they’re just the IMF’s policies of ‘hit and kill’ applied everywhere in the world. In order to push for further of cuts in the public expenditure, the representatives of Greece’s …

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Greek PM & FinMin: No New Austerity If You Pay!

 Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos expressed satisfaction over the EU Summit of Dec 8-9th 2011, that layed the gorund for the new fiscal-disciplined European Fiscal Union. “Today’s summit decisions are a big step towards budget coordination and unification within the eurozone. By securing budget discipline we will in the future prevent uncontrolled …

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IMF/EU/ECB to nail and tie Greece on fiscal discipline and measures

Greece’s lenders Troika is here to stay. It looks as if the representatives of International Monetary Fund, European Union and European Central Bank won’t leave Athens until they have tied down with nails and ropes Greece’s government officials on further economic measures and revenues increases. According to economic portal Capital.gr the Troika guys …

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