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Brexit wins and shocks! Will the EU get the message?

Last night I fell asleep at 1:30 and everyone was claiming ‘Remain” was at 54% and Brexit at 48%. This morning this ⇒ 51.9% for Exit and 48.9% for Remain. A shock! A shock for Europe and the European Union leaders, first of all. Donald Tusk ‏@eucopresident 28m28 minutes ago …

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Tsipras calls Merkel: YES to NATO provided it operates within Turkish territorial waters only

German Chancellor Angela Merkel apparently discovered THE solution to bypass Greece’s objections to European conservatives’ proposals for joint Greek-Turkish patrols in the eastern Aegean Sea. Angela Merkel discovered the NATO and wants the involvement of the North Atlantic Treaty to halt the refugees and migrants flow to Europe. During her …

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Reuters: IMF denies pressing Greece on Debt Restructure

According to Reuters ,, the International Monetary Fund on Saturday denied a report in German magazine Der Spiegel that it was privately pressing Greece to restructure its debt. “As we have said consistently, the IMF supports the Greek government’s position of no debt restructuring and its determination to fully service …

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Der Spiegel claims: IMF wants Greece to Restructure Debt

Are we serious? Is this the reason the Troika will pay a non-scheduled visit to Athens? To prepare the ground for a debt restructure? Or is it just a sinister blackmail against the Greek government to speed up fiscal ‘reforms’ like exterminating tax evasion, lay offs in public administration, privatisation, …

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