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Tsipras calls Merkel: YES to NATO provided it operates within Turkish territorial waters only

German Chancellor Angela Merkel apparently discovered THE solution to bypass Greece’s objections to European conservatives’ proposals for joint Greek-Turkish patrols in the eastern Aegean Sea. Angela Merkel discovered the NATO and wants the involvement of the North Atlantic Treaty to halt the refugees and migrants flow to Europe.

During her visit in Ankara on Monday, Merkel proposed to Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu that the two leaders would try get NATO’s involvement in the refugee issue.

Davutoglu said that Germany and Turkey “would seek the use of NATO’s observation capabilities at the border with Syria and in the Aegean Sea.” Details about the German-Turkish project have not been made public.

A nice plan if only….

While Syria is no member of the NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization would indeed operate there or against it. But the problem with the Aegean sea is that the beautiful blue waters between Greece and Turkey are internal borders of the NATO, as both Greece and Turkey are members. And furthermore, Greece would raise big objections towards allowing a NATO force to operate from its soil with the purpose of ..what? Allow the NATO to monitor another NATO-member so that boats full with refugees won’t set sail to Europe?

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras was quick to call Chancellor Merkel today and tell her very clearly that he would give the Green Light to a NATO involvement but “only if the NATO operates within the Turkish territorial waters”, “keeps away form Greek territorial waters” and “it does not affect Greece’s sovereign rights in any way.”

Decision procedures for NATO operations need the unanimous consensus by all 28 members. Greece has right to vote with a simple and clear NO and torpedo the German-Turkish plan.

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  1. This is all political garbage — politicians pretending to do something, knowing full well that they cannot. And the media comply, publicising the propaganda uncritically.
    Neither civil nor military ships can intervene with migrant boats in any way other than to rescue the occupants. This is not only the law of the sea, and the 1951 Convention, it is also the decision of the European Court of Justice in response to earlier crap of this type from European right wing governments. A Council of Ministers Decision (i.e. a non-legal instruction not mandated by the Parliament) was ruled unlawful last year. The Decision instructed Frontex to return boat migrants to the country that they seemed to have come from. Frontex cannot ignore the EU ruling, so now the German fascists and others start to ask NATO to break the law…
    Tsipras needs to involve the EU institutions, obligated to follow the law, in order than Greece does not go it alone — as it foolishly did with the eurozone arguments. The crooks in northern Europe have to be outsmarted, since we cannot fight them with financial or military power. The law is on the side of Greece, however.

  2. Sure NATO involvement that’s the solution (sarcasm intended)!!! Syria does NOT want NATO monitoring it and anyone who thinks this move is really about refugees and not WW3 is crazy. Russia has enough naval capabilities off Syrian coast to cause lots of havoc for many nations if this idea is allowed.

    Merkel has been the warmonger lately and letting Germany call military shots is not in the intersts of any European nations. Remember history.