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Professor Beaton receives Order of Honor for contribution to Greek Literature & Culture

The President of Hellenic Republic Prokopis Pavlopoulos honored great philellene Roderick Mcleod Beaton, Professor of Modern Greek and Byzantine History at the King’s College in London with the Order of Honour at a special ceremony held at the Presidential mansion on Monday. Pavlopoulos honored and praised Professor Beaton for his …

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Greeks hold candle event to honor the fires victims in Athens

A few hundred people gathered outside the Greek Palriament at Syntagma Square on Monday evening to honor the  dozens of victims of the deadly wildfires in East Athens. With candles the formed a heart and the date of the unprecedented tragedy <23-7>. Their solidarity with the victims’ families was silent. …

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Greeks send resistance fighter Manolis Glezos, 91, to EP with more than 233K votes

Manolis Glezos, the WWII hero and resistance fighter, the man who took down the Nazi Flag from the Acropolis, is heading to the European Parliament after more than estimated 160,000 SYRIZA voters “crossed” his name on the ballot list. On Tuesday morning and with 31.14% of the ballots counted, Glezos …

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Google Honors Greek Filmmaker Theodoros Angelopoulos

Popular search engine Google has Greek ‘colour’ today. Google logo displays a man behind a camera. The letters are in blue with a Greek ‘e’-‘ε’ at the end. If one clicks on the logo image,  it reads : “77th Birthday of Theodoros Angelopoulos. It the modest but very powerful honor …

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