Friday , February 3 2023
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Greeks hold candle event to honor the fires victims in Athens

A few hundred people gathered outside the Greek Palriament at Syntagma Square on Monday evening to honor the  dozens of victims of the deadly wildfires in East Athens.

With candles the formed a heart and the date of the unprecedented tragedy <23-7>.

Their solidarity with the victims’ families was silent.

Just candles in the night.

It was basketball player Giannis Gagaloudis who had called for the event via the social media.

In a post on Facebook he called not only his internet friends but anyone who wanted to join the event to bring a candle in order to “lighten the soul of our fellowmen who perished  in the fires.”

An an “apology” for the violent death.

“Tonight I ‘m the proudest man in the world,” Gagaloudis said that some many people followed his call.

more pictures and video here.

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  1. My condolences and sympathies to all….. This is the most tragically depressing and sad news for me……I write this email sitting in the hospital…..I am alive…. Sure I have eye problems….. they are nowhere near to the pain and suffering of the phedhia…. lost ones…. injuries…..lost homes…the recovery process…the scars of lives… Peace and harmony to all…. with Eghapi and love to all..