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Lesvos: Border guards, policeman suspended for beating refugees (video)

Three border guards and one policeman have been suspended from service after a video showed them beating two refugees outside a supermarket of the island of Lesvos, the Chief of the Greek Police announced on Saturday morning. An internal investigation has been launched against the four, the statement added. Police …

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UPD Death toll rises to 90 after Athens wildfires victims die in hospital

Two more victims of Athens wildfires died over the weekend in hospitals of the Greek capital A 55-year-old woman died on Saturday night and an 85-year-old man on Sunday noon. Both were hospitalized in intensive care units since 23. July 2018. The woman had reportedly extensive burn on 90% of …

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Golden Dawn expels MP after Justice launches investigation for “High Treason”

Golden Dawn leader Nikos Michaloliakos expelled MP Konstantinos Barbarousis less than an hour after the Justice Ministry announced investigation  on crimes of “high treason.”  The General Secretary said the party was distancing itself from Barbarousis statement and that he was “off the party line.” With the expulsion the far-right party …

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CEOs of state broadcaster NERIT resigned over gov’t intervention of Tsipras live streaming?

In an surprise move, managing director of state broadcaster NERIT Antonis Makrydimitris and deputy CEO Rodolfos Moronis submitted their resignation on Thursday afternoon.Both Makrydimitris and Moronis were appointed to these positions by the Greek government and are reportedly members of Nea Dimokratia. Although there no no immediate press release on …

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