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Ianos rage over Zante, Ithaca, Kefalonia, Lefkada (videos)

All through the night, Medicane IANOS was swirling over the Ionian islands and western Peloponnese, with gale-force winds and heavy rainfalls. Mostly hit were the islands of Zakynthos, Kefalonia and Ithaca. Roof tops were swept away, electricity was cut and many boats sunk. Winds reaching at times up to 12 …

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Ithaki: Local man beats UK national to death in hotel room

A local man has beaten to death a 40-year-old UK national in a hotel room on the island of Ithaki in the Ionian Sea. The crime took place on Saturday. Greek police arrested the 54-year-old perpetrator a day later but also his 42-year-old wife.. The perpetrator had reportedly suspected that …

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Kefalonia & Ithaca hit by storm, schools closed (videos)

Schools remain closed on Friday on Kefalonia and Ithaki after a heavy storm stroke the two islands in the Ionian Sea. Streets were flooded with tons of mud, power outages occurred as trees swept by the strong winds fell on the power supply network. Picture via Dennis Kakoniktis FB Many …

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Excavations at Odysseus Palace on Ithaca to resume after ….

Excavations at the archaeological site believed to be the Palace of Homer’s epic hero Odysseus on the island of Ithaca are to resume after the Prime Minister promised the necessary funding. “The Prime Minister has assured us that the excavations at the Palace of Odysseus will resume,” the mayor of …

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Event: Locals revive the Journey of Odysseus in the Ionian Sea

Odysseus: the legendary antique king of Ithaca and the hero of Homer’s epic poem the Odyssey. Husband of Penelope, father of Telemachus, and son of Laërtes and Anticlea, and owner of loyal dog Argos who recognized his master after twenty years of absence. This mythical figure Odysseus is famous for …

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