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Erdogan warns Greece against making any moves over Imia islets

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has claimed that he warned Athens against making any “move” over the islets of Imia (Kardak) in the eastern Aegean and that therefore a crisis was averted end of January. “This year there was no crisis around Kardak,” Erdogan told reporters on Wednesday. “Why? Because …

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Imia “territorial waters and airspace are exclusively under Turkish sovereignty, says Foreign Ministry

In a delirium out of control, the Turkish Foreign Ministry launched a fierce attack against the European Union, Greece and Cyprus after the Commission report 2018. In an completely unacceptable and  provocative statement, Ankara claims that the islets of Imia “their territorial waters and airspace above them are exclusively under …

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Erdogan’s top adviser threatens to “break the legs” of Greece’s PM or any Minister who steps on Imia

Chief advisor of Turkish President Erdogan, Yigit Bulut, has threatened Greece over the disputed islet of Imia in the Eastern Aegean Sea. “Athens will face the wrath of Turkey worse than that in Afrin,” Bulut said in a Television show of a private network. “We will break the arms and …

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Did Turkish Coast Guard prohibit Greek Defense Minister from approaching Imia?

Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammos sailed to the islet of Imia on Sunday to pay respect to the three Greek pilots lost their lives when an Augusta Bell Helicopter fell into the sea during the Imia conflict on 28 Janaurary 1996. Officials pictures  and videos released by the defense Ministry …

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Turkish coast guard boat bumps on Greek Navy gunboat off Imia islet

A patrol boat of the Turkish Coast Guard bumped on gunboat “Nikiforos” of the Greek Navy  off the islet of Imia in the eastern Aegean Sea on Wednesday. Nikiforos was on routine patrol near the islet, Ankara claims it belongs to Turkey. The incident occurred in the Greek territorial waters. …

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