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UPD Labor Day Strikes: Greece’s public transport means mobilization

Public transport means will paralyze on upcoming Labor Day as several workers’ unions will join the traditional strikes on Wednesday, May 1, 2014. Private and public workers unions GSEE and ADEDY have called for the strike on Wednesday expressing their opposition to government’s decision to transfer the “holiday” after Easter …

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Labor Day: Athens buses and trolley buses on work stoppages

Buses and trolleys buses in Athens will take part in the mobilizations marking the Labor Day with work stoppages at the start and end of the day’s shifts. According to their unions’ announcements, buses and trolleys will not be running on Monday, May 1, from the start of the shift …

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Athens: Communists’ protest on May Day with social distancing and masks

With social distancing, mask and military discipline members of the Communist union PAME gathered outside the Greek Palriament on Friday to celebrate the International Workers’ Day on May 1. It was the only Greek union that defied the lockdown restrictions to honor the workers’ struggles. Holding red flags and banners …

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Trump praises “American hands and jobs” while Melania wears a Greek dress

Right tweet, wrong dress, failed message. President Donald Trump sent some mixed message on Labor Day. He tweeted in favor of American jobs with American hands. And picked for the occasion a picture with his wife Melania. Too award that the First Lady was wearing dress Made in Italy, designed …

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