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US will not impose import levy on Greek Feta cheese, says Agricultural Ministry

The famous Greek feta cheese will continue to enjoy no import duties in the United States, the Agricultural Development & Foods Ministry said on Wednesday, following the revocation of a decision that would have added a 9.6% levy on the product. According to the ministry, the US Customs and Border …

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Extra Levy on Water for Greece households and farmers for the sake of water companies privatization

Not one day passes without an extra charge, a one more charge that empties the Greek pockets and pushes thousands into poverty. Whether unemployed, low-pensioner, vulnerable group of the society, whether employee or entrepreneur, the nightmare of additional financial burden does not stop. Out of the blue, here comes an …

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Greek FinMin considers levy to each PC- and Tablet-purchase

The Greek Finance Ministry allegedly considers to impose a levy for every tablet and personal compute purchase. Reason for this consideration? The levy will be imposed as a “counter-weight” to the millions of euro that were supposed to be paid for Copy Rights but they vanish in the air due …

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Athens Court Rules “Emergency Property Tax via Electricity Bills is illegal”

An Athens court ruled on Tuesday that the practice to collect the emergency property tax through the electricity bills is illegal. Several consumers’ associations and lawyers’ organizations had filed a complained about the Public Power Company (DEH) collecting the emergency property tax. The several  hundred euros of E.P.T levy have been skyrocketing …

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Greece Will Levy Ship Owners; Golden Dawn Supported Tax Exemption

The additional austerity package adopted by the Greek Parliament on Wednesday includes a provision that will force ship owners, long accused of enjoying lavish fiscal privileges, to pony up at least 140 million euros. The provision initially called for a “voluntary” contribution to the state coffers, but Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras withdrew …

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