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Greece ready to join military forces against Libya

As the war drums are beating against Muammar Gaddafi, former socialist friend Greece declares ready to join forces against Libya.  Athens most likely will play an important role in a military buildup and intervention due to its strategic naval and air force base Souda on Crete. However Greece is waiting for a clear …

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Crete: Greek Communist Party protests USS Kearsarge at Souda Bay

Members of the Greek Communist Party (KKE) marched through the streets of Chania, Crete,  Friday evening protested the arrival of  US assault ship USS Kearsarge at the Souda Bay. Holding torches and candles they demanded the closure of the US naval base at Souda and and Greece not to be …

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Crete: US military buildup in Souda Bay

A US military buildup is taking place at the Souda Bay on the Greek island of Crete as Muammar Gaddafi keeps bombing his own people and there is no sign of a peaceful solution. US Navy amphibious assault ships USS Kearsarge and USS Ponce are expected to arrive at Souda …

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US Ass. Sec. Gordon denied military operation against Libya pending – US Fleet piles up

 US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Philip Gorden denied that a military operation against Libya was pending. Gordon, currently in Greece, noted that extra US naval assets were ordered to the Mediterranean Sea in order to deal whatever contingencies arise.  “We’re simply preparing for what may be …

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