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Scandal with Fake Classification Docs Bring Cruises to Halt

Touristic cruises came almost to halt at the Ionian islands after the scandal with fake classification documents broke out. Currently 16 ships were ordered by the Ministry of Citizen’s Protection to stop operating after irregularities in their documents issued by a Russian classification agent in Piraeus. According to Greek state network …

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Piraeus: Shipyard Workers Turn Over Police Car (video)

One should never provoke a jobless shipyard worker. The guys are tough, do tough work and have tough  muscles. This is the reality with which policemen had to be confronted early Wednesday in Greece – precisely in Perama district of Piraeus, an area known to host lots of tough guys since… ever. The …

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Piraeus: Bus Passenger shoots at Ticket Controller

Scenes from Far West occurred in a Piraeus bus when a passenger opened fired against a ticket controller. The incident occurred in the bus line 843, from Piraeus to Keratsini. When the ticket controller asked a passenger to check his ticket, the man took out an air rifle and shot …

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Greek Banks: Stress Tests, Haircuts and Mergers

Hot weather and stress are both known to cause sweating. Currently the majority of Greeks are loosing volumes of sweat due to recession stress and the bankers don’t seem to be  exception to the rule. Eight Greek Banks are waiting the official result of CEBS’s stress tests to be disclosed on July …

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