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New Speaker Konstantopoulou: “Parliament cannot function as graveyard of political scandals”

With a record number of votes (235) SYRIZA MP Zoe Konstantopoulou was elected Greece’s Parliament Speaker. Konstantopoulou is the second woman to be elected for this office and with 38 years old the youngest Parliament Speaker in the Greek Parliament. She is a human rights lawyer and  a member of …

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Greek Businessman Accused of Bribery in TOR-M1 Found Dead in Indonesia

Vlassis Kambouroglou, 60, managing director of Drumilan International has been found dead on Saturday in his hotel room in Jakarta, Indonesia. In a story that reads like a modern times novel written together by John Le Carre and Graham Greene, some Greek media claim that Kambouroglou had committed suicide while …

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SIEMENS Bribery Scandal: Open bank accounts

The photo below is wrong! SIEMENS BRIBEd GREEKS IN DEUTSCHE MARKS & EUROS ! The Parliamentary examination committee investigating the Siemens bribery scandal asks the opening of 18 bank accounts belonging to natural and legal persons, including financiers and well-known businessmen. The examination committe sent a letter Wednesday to Mr. …

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“Rocco” is Here to Stay….

Tasos Mantelis, ex Greek Minister ‘sponshored’ by SIEMENS, has not left for Azerbaijan, where he works as  Chief  Advisor at the TACIS Project. Tasos Mantelis is among us.  I just saw him on ALTER TV. He said he will stay in Greece. But even  if he would like to leave , this …

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Greek Minister Tzakri: Another Blond to Bite the Political Dust?

newspaper APOKALYPSEIS Hardly has the dust of Gerekou- scandal settled down, another Blond Deputy Minister is likely to line to the queue to hit the road, if the accusations proven true. Theodora  Tzakri, Deputy Minister of Interior, Decentralization & e-Gevernment is  being accused to have allegedly  ordained  36 cousins, relatives …

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Angela Gerekou: She woke up screaming, too

Angela Gerekou, fresh resigned Deputy Minister of Culture & Tourism, saw her political career and ambitions cracked at the door of Tax Office. Her classical beauty couldn’t prevent her foes within the governing party to expose her husband’s tax evasion dept. 5,500,000 Euro! They got rid of her within 24 hours. …

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