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Envelope with suspicious white powder sent to SYRIZA HQ

A suspicious envelope with white powder arrived at the headquarters of Greece’s  main opposition party, left-wing SYRIZA, on Tuesday morning. The envelope did not had the sender’s name on it, something that made it suspicious when it arrived at the offices at Koumoundourou Square in downtown Athens. The envelope was …

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UPDATE Antonov Crash: Greece’s Authorities on high alert due to a “white powder”

Teams of the Biological Defense Division of the Greek Army are expected to travel to the site of the Antonov crash, due to the existence of a “mysterious” white powder in the area. The white power shattered over the area raises fear of a toxic cargo. The evacuation of a …

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Envelopes with mysterious substance arrive to 11 Greek universities from India

Several suspicious envelopes, some of them containing an unknown substance were sent to eleven University facilities in Greece over the last hours. All of them were sent from India, had Indian stamps and leaflets in English reading “Islam will rule but this will not happen because of the Muslims.” Special …

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