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Greeks became richer whole €190 richer after joining the Euro

Germany and the Netherlands have benefited enormously from the euro over the 20 years since its launch, while for almost every other member the single currency has been a serious drag on economic growth, a study has found. For Greece the gains are anything but profitable, as citizens became richer …

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Greek Police investigates whether cancer patients received less medication by members of cancer drugs mafia

For the cancer drugs mafia life did not matter: two nurses in a big public hospital in Athens would give to patients a smaller dose of medication than needed and they would forward the rest of the quantity to the other members of the criminal cancer drugs gang. “Imagine three …

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Study: Germany made €100bn profit on Greek crisis

What? I don’t believe it! Rea-lly? Germany made a 100 billion euro profit on Greek crisis? No, kidding? HA! And yes, so it is! A study conducted by a German Economic Institute has shown that every time investors got bad news about Greece, they rushed to Germany’s ‘safe haven’ with …

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IMF made a €2.5billion profit from loans to Greece

Nice profit. With an interest rate of 3.6% the International Monetary Fund has made a 2.5 billion euro profit from the loans to Greece since 2010. Of curse, nobody lends money without profit, right? How much more when the majority of the IMF bailout goes to save banks and is …

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Study: Germany make trillion-euro profits from the Euro

Germany profits considerably form the euro even in case of high write-offs due to debt cuts of South European crisis sates, like Greece, Portugal, Spain. This is the result of a model calculation conducted by Prognos AG for German Bertelsmann Foundation. “Adding up the growth benefits of Euro membership results …

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Hedge Fund earns $500m after betting against Grexit

(Financial Times) — One of the world’s most prominent hedge funds is sitting on a $500m profit after making a bet that Greece would not be forced to leave the eurozone, bucking the trend in a difficult year for the industry. Third Point, headed by the billionaire US investor Dan …

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