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Children in rage: 10-year-olds vandalize kindergarten in Thessaloniki

Three elementary school pupils in rage vandalized a kindergarten school in Lagadas Municipality by Thessaloniki in Northern Greece. The three chilrden reportedly entered the kindergarten on Sunday afternoon and demolished everything that came under their fingers. They broke furniture, toys and library selves, they opened the water tab in the …

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Dramatic battle against raging forest fire in Kineta, West Attica (videos)

A forest fire has been raging in the resort of Kineta in West Attica in a blaze front extending to six kilometers. Powerful wind of up to 7 and occasionally 8 Beaufort make the firefighters’ work almost impossible. The rough sea hinders aerial means from loading water from the sea. …

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12 wildfires rage on Zakynthos: “Most likely Arson,” say the Fire Service

One after the other, wildfires have broken out in the north and the south of Zakynthos. They rage for the third consecutive day. The Greek Fire Service and local authorities suspect deliberate arson as cause for the wildfires that burn down forest land. What is puzzling is that nine diferent …

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UPD Wildfires rage on Zakynthos, firefighters deployed from other regions

Four fire fronts have been raging on the island of Zakynthos after one more wildfire broke out in the south-west of the island Saturday afternoon. Due to the strong winds of up 6 Beaufort, the blaze in Agalas-Koiliomenou area spread quickly and went out of control. Firefighters deployed from other …

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Kythira in ‘state of emergency’ as wildfires rage for third day, one fire fighter hospitalized

The wildfire is ranging on Kythira for third day and ‘state of emergency’ was declared on Saturday, after four settlements had to be evacuated. One third of the island’s forest- and low vegetation areas have been burned down. Power and water outages. One fire fighter in hospital. “It is a …

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