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Ritsona refugee camp in quarantine after 20 people tested positive to coronavirus

Health authorities have placed the Ritsona refugee and asylum-seekers camp in full lockdown for 14 days after 20 people have been tested positive to coronavirus. The full lockdown starts on Thursday, April 2, 2020, entrance or exit are strictly forbidden, except for health authorities and aid workers. The camp is …

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Refugee woman tested positive on COVID-19 after giving birth

A refugee woman living in an accommodation camp in Attica has been tested positive on COVID-19. The asymptomatic woman was pregnant and went to a hospital in Athens for a scheduled birth with a Caesarian section last Thursday. Her baby has been also tested, the results are pending. According to …

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First cremation facility in Greece opens in Ritsona, East Attica

A historic moment for Greece: the first cremation facility in Greece has started its operation a couple of days ago in East Attica, 75 km away from Greek capital Athens. The facility is private. Board member of the Ritsona Incinerator and president of the Greek Cremation Society, Antonis Alakiotis, said …

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First private Crematorium in Attica expected to go in operation in autumn

The first private crematorium in Greece has received a license and it looks as if it will go in operation before the public ones. The private facility is located in Ritsona in North-East Attica, near Halkida. It is expected to go in operation in upcoming autumn. According to daily ethnos, …

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Infant dead in Ritsona camp, parents arrested: How many words is a refugee baby worth?

A 2-month-old infant died in Ritsona refugee camp of Saturday, January 28th. The baby was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, respiratory problems and frequently needed oxygen support. Right after the baby’s death, Greek police arrested the parents, Syrians of Kurdish origin, on charges of child neglect. Greek media reported that “the …

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