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Refugee woman tested positive on COVID-19 after giving birth

A refugee woman living in an accommodation camp in Attica has been tested positive on COVID-19. The asymptomatic woman was pregnant and went to a hospital in Athens for a scheduled birth with a Caesarian section last Thursday.

Her baby has been also tested, the results are pending.

According to state broadcaster ERT TV, the woman was in a ward with other patients and no precautions were taken as no COVID-19 test was conducted upon her admission.

The positive results set the whole hospital on alert, at least 11 health workers have been placed in “house isolation,” results from dozens of tests conducted to doctors, surgeons, nurses, newborns and mothers are expected on Tuesday afternoon.

Mother and baby are reportedly in a single room and in isolation.

The COVID-19 on the refugee woman was reportedly conducted after a test of the father was positive.

Migration Ministry sources told state-run news agency amna, teams from the National Health System and the migration ministry have gone to the asylum-seekers camp in Ritsona, eastern Attica.

Authorities are tracing the couple’s movements to find out whether the woman was infected in the accommodation facility or after her admission into the hospital.

Isolation areas have been created at the Ritsona camp to host suspected coronavirus cases.

In the context of the general lockdown, the Greek migration ministry imposed strict movement restrictions to residents of camps last week.

The possibility of coronavirus outbreak in mostly overcrowded camps causes nightmares not only to asylum-seekers and migrants but also to the government.

PS it looks as if there is no protocol that everybody admitted to public hospitals is tested.

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