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Refugee woman tested positive on COVID-19 after giving birth

A refugee woman living in an accommodation camp in Attica has been tested positive on COVID-19. The asymptomatic woman was pregnant and went to a hospital in Athens for a scheduled birth with a Caesarian section last Thursday. Her baby has been also tested, the results are pending. According to …

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Second woman positive on coronavirus gives birth in Athens

A baby boy was born to a 30-year-old mother infected with the coronavirus in Attikon designated hospital in Athens on Monday. It is the second baby in Greece whose mother has been infected. Doctors said that both mother and infant were well and under observation. The baby was born with …

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Woman positive in coronavirus gives birth to baby boy in Athens hospital

A woman tested positive in coronavirus has given birth to a baby boy in Attikon designated hospital in Athens on Wednesday evening. It is the first birth by an infected patient in Greece. First test of the baby negative. The 24-year-old mother and had mild symptoms like light fever and …

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Chios: Policeman helps Syrian refugee give birth to a baby girl

A policeman serving on the island of Chios has helped a refugee woman from Syria to give birth to a healthy baby girl on Friday evening. The young officer had neither relevant training nor idea about a child birth but he was ‘armed’ with the right instinct and composure. The …

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2,000-euro birth allowance for Greek families and Non-EU nationals

With overwhelming majority the Greek Parliament approved the draft law awarding a one-off benefit of 2,000 euros for every child born in Greece as of January 1, 2020. The allowance will be paid in two equal installments of 1,000 euros in the first and sixth month after the birth. Eligible …

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Greece’s gloomy birth rates statistics

Greece has the third-lowest birth rate in Europe (9/1,000) after Germany (8.4/1,000) and Portugal (8.5/1,000), the Hellenic Association of Geriatrics and Gerontology (HAGG) said on Tuesday on the occasion of the International Day of Older Persons on October 1. According to a HAGG study, by 2050 teenagers will make up …

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