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Psychoacoustics study at the sanctuary of Zeus on Mount Lykaion

Until recently, archaeologists have mostly relied on what they can see at the sites of ancient ruins to unlock the secrets of the past. But lately, new methods such as the psychoacoustics,  have started to allow researchers to use other senses to explore these sites in different ways. One such …

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Countless offerings by ancient Greek worshipers unearthed on Kythnos

Archaeologists excavating a hilltop sanctuary on the Aegean Sea island of Kythnos have discovered “countless” pottery offerings left by ancient worshippers over the centuries, Greece’s Culture Ministry said Wednesday. A ministry statement said the finds from work this year included more than 2,000 intact or almost complete clay figurines, mostly …

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Stunning findings unearthed at the Artemis Amarysia Sanctuary

Greek-Swiss excavations at the sanctuary of Artemis Amarysia have brought to light important new findings on the history of the most significant shrine dedicated to ancient Greek goddess Artemis. The sanctuary is considered the foremost center of her cult and is located just two kilometers east of Amarynthos on the …

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Arcturos brown bears sanctuary in need of donations due to lockdown

Brown bears sanctuary Arcturos wildlife protection organization in northern Greece is asking the public for financial support following sharp revenues drop due to the lockdown imposed in the country. Visits have stopped and therefore the revenues, the organization said in a statement. Arcturos revenues derive exclusively from visits to the …

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Amazing findings in Apollo Sanctuary excavation on Despotiko

The Greek Culture Ministry has announced the latest important findings in the archaeological site of the Sanctuary of  Ancient god Apollo on the uninhabited islet of Despotiko west of the island of Antiparos in the Cyclades, Central Aegean Sea. Excavation conducted on Despotiko between 28. May – 6 July 2018, …

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Orphan bear cub, Luigi, in heartwarming video; he was wandering on motorway

Bear cub, Luigi, is just a few months old. He was found wandering alone on a motorway with dangerous traffic in North Greece. No mother was in sight. An orphan alone on a motorway where several old and younger bears have fallen victims to traffic accidents? An animal loving citizen …

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