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Bench warrants against “protected witnesses,” Gov’t eager to have their anonymity lifted

For a second consecutive day, the members of the Special Parliamentary Committee in charge to conduct preliminary examination on the Novartis bribery scandal were waiting for one of the protected witnesses to testify in Police Headquarters in Athens. They waited in vain. Protected witness under the code name “Ekaterini Kelesi” …

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Greek “untouchables” …touched: a scandal per day keeps the crisis away?

Hardy has the button “publish” been pressed and a new financial scandal breaks out. Slowly but surely we have lost control over the counting” how many prominent and less prominent Greeks have been arrested, how many of them are free on bail, how many of them are remanded custody, how …

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Greece Exclusive: Build your house on an archaeological site and get away with it!

The Greece is a country where everybody does whatever he pleases and goes unpunished is not a secret. A little bribe here, a little indifference there, lack of good manners, culture, and equality before the law create a dangerous and immoral cocktail that seems to prevail and corrupt the citizens.  These ‘national’ characteristics …

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Athens: People protest outside Ex Ministers’ House (pcts, video)

About 1,500 people gathered outside the house of former minister Akis Tsochatzopoulos and shouted slogans like  “Thieves, thieves!” and “Aki, bring the money back!”. The rest of the slogans were really …inspiring however  a translation would not bring the rhyme spirit into English. Some protesters left massages at the house entrance urging him …

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