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Greece Exclusive: Build your house on an archaeological site and get away with it!

The Greece is a country where everybody does whatever he pleases and goes unpunished is not a secret. A little bribe here, a little indifference there, lack of good manners, culture, and equality before the law create a dangerous and immoral cocktail that seems to prevail and corrupt the citizens.  These ‘national’ characteristics have probably led a man to build his house on top of the walls of an archaeological site. After loads of complaints  the man has been found guilty of  breaching just the city planning regulations as he added some constructions to his house that were not included in the construction building licence he had submitted.

News portal revealed the scandal, stressing that no matter how many reports and complaints have been filed to the relevant authorities, the house is still standing overlooking the site, considered to be  the heart of one of the major tribes in Ancient Greece, the Dorians.

It all started when Constantine Kapsalis, president of the Cultural Association Lidoriki in Fokida in Central Greece, decided to create a manual with the most important archaeological sites of the area.  Kapsalis started to record the archaeological site consulting the book of  French traveler Gaston Deschamps, dated 1898.

Travelling from Amphilochia to Lidoriki, climbing up and down mountains, Kapsalis was more than stunned to find out that there was a house standing at the archaeological site of Malandrino walls of the ancient city of Fyskos. That was back in 2009.

Kapsalis started an endless struggle of collecting documents and sending reports and complaints to city planning, archaeological and municipal authorities, even to Culture Ministry. Two years later the house is still there – most likely to the end of times….

See more pictures and copies of the document in

Fyskos is featured at the Municipality website of Lidoriki. In other Greece’s tourism website you will read amazing things like “To the North of Malandrino there are remains of a fortress from Hellenistic times. Fortifications of Fyskeis in the area, representing an ancient city and a religious centre for Locris, are still in relatively good condition. Valuable artefacts from this era are in the museum of Delphi.”

What is the purpose of promoting cultural heritage if you have no culture to preserve it?

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