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German Interior Minister blocks states from taking refugees from Greek camps

Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has blocked individual German states from rescuing refugees from Greek refugee camps. The state governments are up in arms and are considering legal action. Several of Germany’s 16 states are considering banding together to defy the federal government’s plan to block them from bringing in refugees …

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CSU chief Seehofer : “Bavarians ruled Greece, better it was not temporary”

It was supposed to be a joke from man to man, from a Bavarian arch-conservative to his like-minded compatriots. One of these brusque and disdainful jokes cracker-barrel men in traditional green tracht garments exchange over a half-liter beer at their regular’s Thursday pub table in a remote mountain village. But …

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German-Greek deal on refugee returns advancing but not easy

Talks between Germany and Greece on a deal for refugees returns are fairly advanced, said Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday, highlighting that an agreement with Italy still has some time yet. “We are in the process of negotiations,” she said during a joint press conference she gave in Berlin with …

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Merkel & Seehofer agree on “migrants’ transit centers” in the borders with Austria

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and her rebellious interior minister from Bavarian CSU, Horst Seehofer, reached a compromise on migration at almost literally the eleventh hour Monday, averting a government crisis for the time being. Mr. Seehofer, who threatened to resign the previous day, will stay in office. The two agreed …

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Kurz calls for an “Axis of the Willing between Rome-Berlin-Vienna” to combat migration

Austria’s conservative chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, called  for an “axis of the willing” between Rome-Berlin-Vienna” in order to fight illegal migration. A new Axis of Evil like in 1940? For sure the word choice with the terms axis and willing burdened with ugly connotation and war is not a fortunate one. …

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