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There is Sparta! Gerald Butler to join Thermopylae Battle events, run as torchbearer

Gerald Butler would have never thought that he would be invited to visit the home town of legendary ancient King Leonidas when he portrayed the legendary king in blockbuster “300.” Invitation to Gerarld Butler was sent by the Sparta City Council, invitation accepted. Hollywood “Leonidas” will take up another Sparta …

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American alt-right champion for Ancient Greece and Sparta

The alt-right looks to classical literature to shore up its reactionary worldview. While for years there was a declining of Greek and Roman classical literature in American culture, a surprising group has taken up the mantle of explaining why the study of the ancient Greeks and Romans remains vitally important: …

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Shocking proof! Cat takes over seat of General Secretary in Greece’s public hospital (picts)

We all know that there is personnel shortage in Greece’s public hospitals. We are all also aware of the popular theory that cats plot to take over the world. The first incident that verifies this feline conspiracy theory is a fact.  A cat has taken over the seat of the …

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Greek President warns Erdogan “Provocations are sign of weakness, Come and Take them!”

Greek president Prokopis Pavlopoulos sent a sharp worded message to his Turkish counter Recep Tayyip Erdogan, following a series of provocations accompanying his tour to the islands of the eastern Aegean Sea. “The brave do not provoke,” President Pavlopoulos told Greek soldiers safeguarding the remote island of Ai Stratis. “Provocations, …

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