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Ancient Kouros statues discovered by farmer trying to plant olive trees

A farmer in Atalanti, Central Greece, wanted to plant olive trees, but found an ancient statue of a Kouros instead. While the farmer was preparing the soil in his plot, his tools hit something that looked like a statue. He informed authorities that started a broader excavation and the result …

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Vandals destroy statues at the archaeological site of Brexiza, Marathon

Unknown perpetrators have raided the archaeological site of the Sanctuary of the Egyptian Gods in Brexiza by Marathon and caused significant damage to several statues. According to a statement issued by the Culture Ministry, the vandalism was discovered by the site guard on Wednesday morning. the statues were damaged most …

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Gods in Color : Did Ancient Greeks paint their statues in vibrant colors? (video)

Do we have a totally false perception abut the Ancient Greek World? Have we fallen victims to thousands of years of rain and decay that have washed out the vibrant colors of the statues of the antique leading us to the mistaken assumption that ancient Greek artists honored the Gods …

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Amazing artifacts recovered from Antikythera shipwreck (picts, video)

A treasury of incredibly rare artifacts, pieces of bronze and marble statues and a mysterious  have been found in the famous shipwreck of Antikythera Mechanism and recovered by archaeologists and divers. Most spectacularly, it is suggested that a total of seven bronze statues are still waiting to be recovered form …

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