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Locally produced beers maintain reduced tax – Greece’s coalition suffered first crack

Greece’s coalition government suffered its first crack or its first beet bath, if you’d prefer so. The parliamentary group of Independent Greeks (ANEL) rejected the bill aiming to raise taxes for beer produced by small Greek breweries. The bill was under the Parliamentary Committee for Commerce, only SYRIZA lawmakers voted …

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Opinion polls: ND leads with 0.5%, “undecided” voters to determine the winner

In the first public opinion poll conducted after the debate between ex prime minister Alexis Tsipras and the leader of main opposition party conservative New Democracy Bangelis Meimarakis on Monday, Greece’s main opposition party leads wioth 0.5% towards SYRIZa. Poll conducted by Metron Analysis for private TV Action24: SYRIZA 27% …

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Greece writes off debts to state and banks up to €20,000

Greece will write off debts up to 20,000 euro to tax office, insurance funds but also consumer loans and credit cards to the banks. The measure targets the debt relief of allegedly some 35,000 people and the criteria are very strict: absolute poverty, not possession of property, no income at …

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Gov’t cuts lawmakers’ tax breaks, ministers’ salaries by 15%

Finally, good news! In the direction of correcting what we call “social injustice”. That is that while the poor and the needy and the vulnerable society groups are being disproportionally overtaxed, lawmakers and politicians pay less taxes and enjoy tax breaks with ‘whatever’ justification the legislator who introduced this system …

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Greek Parliament approves creditors’ bill, rift in SYRIZA remains

With overwhelming majority the Greek Parliament approved the second bill of “prior actions” demanded by the country’s creditors. The Bill was approved with 230 votes. Against the bill voted 63 lawmakers among them also 31 from Tsipras’ SYRIZA. Another 5 SYRIZA lawmakers voted “present”. Voting result: YES 230 SYRIZA, Independent …

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