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Daily Archives: April 6, 2011

Athens: Citizens jeer Deputy Prime Minister (videos)

The “Door-to-Door”, citizens’  movement found its way to Athens noble district Kolonaki where deputy prime minister Theodoros Pangalos has his political office. Armed with a huge teddy pig and megaphones a group of 30-40 senior Athenians started shouting slogans, that…. you don’t want me to translate them in English, do you? …

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Messolonghi: Locals jeer and boo Justice Minister (video)

Greeks are at the verge of nervous breakdown and do not hesitate to verbally attack government officials -preferably ministers – wherever they meet them. This time, angry lawyers had gathered to ‘welcome’ Justice Minister Xaris Kastanidis in the town of Messolonghi in West Greece.  Kastanidis climbed the long stairs of the local court …

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Thessaloniki: Police Station to be evicted

A police station in Thessaloniki has received the magic paperfor eviction. A police union representative was telling this morning on television – I don’t remember which channel – that the Ministry had asked a 20% rental decrease but the two-storey building owner did not accept. So the case landed in the …

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IMF/EU/ECB to nail and tie Greece on fiscal discipline and measures

Greece’s lenders Troika is here to stay. It looks as if the representatives of International Monetary Fund, European Union and European Central Bank won’t leave Athens until they have tied down with nails and ropes Greece’s government officials on further economic measures and revenues increases. According to economic portal the Troika guys …

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IMF-Chief asks Cuts for Greece’s Public Sector Wages

 The Chief of International Monetary Fund could not be more clear! “Public Sector Wages” was the magic sentence he spitted out. Referring to Greece’s economic problems, Dominique Strauss-Kahn said that what Greece need is not debt restructuring but combat its biggest problem, which is competitiveness. “The problem of Greece has …

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