Athens: Man Takes a Bath in Syntagma Sq – Naked…

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Oh, not, that’s not a good idea to take a bath in a public place just to save money amid the huge economic crisis! However a guy had this idea on Friday morning and what did he do? He took his clothes off and he jumped in one of the fountains of Syntagma square, right opposite the Greek Parliament in Athens downtown.  Then he started enjoying the coolness of doubtedly fresh water. Not to forgot mentioning that he had a piece of soap!  

Passersby didn’t seem to be intimidated by the sudden stripteaze in the middle of the city. Athenians seem to have cultivated an exemplary tolerance to ‘weird events’. However a clerk from a nearby hotel alerted the police.

None of the passersby do not seem to be intimidated, so the owner has continued to work. His argument for the phone call? The naked man was … spoiling the aesthetics of the area (!).

Even when the police arrived the man continued his bathing, when finished he got dressed and followed the policemen to the nearby station. They probably charged him with a fine and a towel…

The footage was shot by a reporter of Greek private Skai television. You can watch the video in