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Hired per eGovernment, Fired by eMail

Gradually Greece’s current events start running again and become interesting as the politicians returned to Athens bringing an end to summer indolence. In view of the upocoming difficult politically and economically fall – not to mention the ice-cold tax winter – it seems that the landscape-cleansing between ministers and associates have started too, like a delayed-echo of the last government reshuffle in June. For sure, the unbearable pressure of rating agencies and the European partners as well the nerving taxi-owners’ strike in the summer months did not leave much space for political arguments within the Greek government. However this is not our issue in this post. Our subject is the following:

Yesterday the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Yannis Ragousis sent an e-email to the General Secretary of the Ministry announcing the end of their collaboration.

The G.S., Charis Tsiokas, read the e-email  firing him most likely on his private lap-top, possibly on a beach of a picturesque island, as he is still on summer leave that ends on Sunday.

Indeed, the economics news portal Capital.grnotes, that Tsiokas got the position of the Ministry General Secretary through the open-government procedure, where every Greek citizen can apply for a government job via electronic application. Tsiokas had the job for 20 months, and was firstly assigned to the ex-Minister D. Reppas.  Further Capital revealed that Tsiokas is a child of the so called ‘PASOK-tube’, and team member of former Defense Minister  Akis Tsochatzopoulos, who has been accused of  bribes, but these offenses are barred due to the provision of  time and the law of the legal responsibility of ministers.

Most likely the Minister fired the General Secretary because they didn’t agree on dealing with the issue of the taxi-owners’ strike and the opening of thier profession.

Although very short in lenth, this story teaches many lessons:

– That all PASOK-Good Fellas fit in the governance, even for a short time.

– That eGovernment, ‘open-government’ in good Greek, the much praised “new ways of open government with equal access to all and meritocracy” by PM George Papandreou was/is simply a smokescreen for continuing the same policies and same party mentalities with the same people.

– That the government itself follows questionable procedures and fires people on very short notice for no obvious reason. Giving a bad example to the average employers.

– Firing per e-mail is like ending a relationship per post-it (Sex & the City) – no political correct 🙂

Later today, the fired General secretary wrote in Twitter: “It’s dangerous to be right, when authority is wrong” – Voltaire.

That is the final lesson we learn form this story: if nothing else,  at least the members of the governing party are loyal to the new technologies.

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