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Greek Pupils: With Gloves and Scarves in Schools Due to Austerity

Greek school children needs more than learning equipment: hats, gloves and scarves. Until the end of the winter, so that they can challenge the low temperatures in the classrooms. Daily TA NEA reports that in many schools the heating oil supplies have gone down this year and that oil tanks have little to offer.

State schools received 55% less money this year. School masters are forced to turn on the heating only for a few hours per day. Teachers complain that in some municipalities apart form the money there is a problem inf the functioning of the School Committees that take important decisions like buy heating oil. According to Nikos Papachristos, chairman of the Federation of Secondary Education Teachers, the association branch in Larissa warns ‘that there will be no heating oil in the schools of the area after 15 days. Papachristos revealed that many school masters turn on the heat on only for a few hours. “Where students do not freeze, they … tepefy.”

Teacher Costas Toulgaridis, who teaches in Porto Rafti town of Eastern Attika prefecture, said that “heating oil stocks in several elementary schools are marginal.”

Anastasia Tsoleridis, director of primary Education on the island of Lesvos stressed that iin recent days, she had received complains from 35 schools that “have little or no heating oil in the school tanks.” (TA NEA)

The Troika enforced reform concerning the municipalities governance – “Kallikratis Reform”- has caused several problems in the establishment of school committees.

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  1. there is a problem inf the functioning of the School Committees that take important decisions like buy heating oil

    What problem? 😕

  2. keeptalkinggreece

    in some municipalities school committees were unable to be established much to my knowledge.

  3. I do agree-children should have a nice,warm classroom but this has been going on for years!My son just graduated from High school-he does not remember having a warm classroom. Why couldn t school committees be established???Were they not as important??Certain things have been going on for years? Where have all of you been?Its about time something is done for our children.They deserve to have a proper education in a nice-WARM classroom.A place where they will enjoy going everyday and eager to learn new things!

  4. If I was the teacher and that happened, I’d bring in a few portable heaters and ask parents to donate for their cost as opposed to letting my students freeze. If everyone chipped in 5 euros, the classroom could get warm quite quick.

    Sure, there will be people that will say “The government needs to do that”, but in the meantime, we will let the kids freeze or act?

    In Greece, too much THA THA TAH, just do it for christ’s sake. As the Greeks say, “POLA Logia einay Eftoxia” but many have forgotten this in Greece.

  5. if you were a Greek teacher you would not have money to buy heaters for the school

  6. Not necessarily as my friend’s wife is a high school teacher in Greece and with the extra money for being married and having more than 2 kids etc,she gets a good salary. Maybe for starting out, Greek teachers make less, but not all of them from what I’ve heard.

  7. I will have to agree with Amerikanaki.Maybe Greek teachers who are just starting out make less but Most teachers get a very good salary considering the hours they work.I know a lot of teachers and how much they get paid and how many hours they teach per week!8

  8. The Troika enforced reform concerning the municipalities governance – ”Kallikratis Reform”- has caused several problems in the establishment of school committees…

    Comment: This is not the Troika or the German that has caused this situation in Greece. It is decades of corruption (politician as well as citizens of Greece), badly manage country , borrowing and spending what they did not have. Start working , pay taxes like everyone else, stop parasiting your governtment and be honest and the long terme situation will improved.

  9. Good morning From Greece I am teacher, i got my job by examinations ,I studied in 2 universities, I work 13 years working in Macedonia, a town near borders with Bulgaria, I took my master last year and my salary is 950 euro.Now they decieded that the salary must become 400 euro and the same time only petrol costs 1 euro the litre.Most people closed already the heat in our houses because we cant pay it. The prices for all things are hudge and always I preferred Germany products because I thought they are better in quality. Every day here we learn people kill them selves,abandon their children because they cant feet them, loose their own houses and leave in the streets. Even people who work we cant pay the bills,the food with these prices, the taxis that every month the government force us to pay. Greek society is ready to blow up and go in the streets but tv with the horror-news made us (until now) paralyzed. We here what many german think about us. We are very sorry about this. Greek people didn’t steal money and with a tragic system and a “war” of advertisements most of us borrow money from the banks instead of buying house to stay.People here are desperate and know now that our politicians are corrupt. They now that all the laws in EU are created for the big countries. For example refuges who want to go in Europe must stay here,we must buy guns from German and France companies even though Europe has the same borders .Europe borrows money with 1% and gives us with 5% etc etc..We borrow so many billions extra these 2 years , as nation and all they go to tha European and greek banks.There are so many reasons that we are now sure for all this tragic situation is a result of corrupt greek politicians and corrupt Europe politicians. The simple civilians have no responsibility for this and we suffer so much.We always speak about german people with love.I think we don’t deserve so much hate from some of german people. I know nobody cares for a destroy of one country as we never cared about Somalia,nigiria etc.But its worth to learn and know the truth.

  10. Steve, nobody denies the decades of corruption and own resposnibility. And blame is put upon them for not dealing properly with the crisis or netogiating a better MoU. However, nobody has ever seen proseprity in the countries ‘helped’ by the IMF. As for EU partners… Watched German FinMin making promises to Portuguese counterpart. disgusting…

  11. Do you live by yourself or with your parents?
    Because living with your parents is the only reason a clever person wouldn’t know that electric heaters need money for the electricity!!!
    Obviously you think that heating a hole school premises with electric heaters won;t blow the school’s funding up!

    Ofcourse I’d also get something to heat the class but you understand -I hope- that it will be worse in a while due to the bills….

    For christ’s sake, think before you write anything…

    And, yes, the problem with heating has been going on for years BUT not lke that. The lady that states her son never had a warm classroom obviously has never ever lived somewhere with no heating…I also didnt have a “warm” classroom, but I live in Athens (hot part of greece) and all i ever had to do is wear my jacket, not scarved and gloves…jesus…They would heat the room for a at least some hours…

  12. Anna, I understand your sentiment but it is misplaced. However, I insist that bringing in an electric heater would be a good idea. Although it may eat up the budget, I doubt the electricity would get cut off from any school. So, the room stays warm for the children and regardless the electrcity continues.. Now, if anyone can confirm they have cut off the electricity for any Greek school room, then let me know, but I have my doubts.