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“Anonymous” Hack Greek Ministry Website and Warn of Further Attacks

Computer hacking group Anonymous launched a cyber attacked on the website of the Greek Ministry of Justice. The website was defaced with a “Justice is coming ” message and a two-minute uploaded -kind of creepy-video. An english speaking “Anonymous” wearing a mask and a robe, read a message sharply criticizing  Greece’s bailout by the European Union and the International Monetary Fund and described the harsh austeritity measures as “attack on democracy” and “enslavement”.

“You have introduced a new dictatorship upon your people’s shoulders and allowed the bankers and the monarchs of the EU to enslave them both economically and politically,” the group’s message said.

“You have joined the IMF (International Monetary Fund) against your people’s acquiescence…democracy was given birth in your country but now you have killed it,” the hackers added. (Deutsche Welle)

Anonymous also criticized Athens for joining the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), a deal signed on January 26 to protect intellectual property and reduce internet piracy, warned of further attacke on Greek ministries and media websites, in case Greece should not take back its signature. Anonymous gave Greece a deadline of two weeks.

The atacked was luanched shortly before 6 a.m. on Friday morning. British DailyMail writes that the website was briefly listed as ‘under construction’ following the attack, but was amended to display the following message from the online collective:

‘We know EVERYTHING, We have your PASSWORDS , We are watching YOU.



We are Legion . This is JUST the BEGINING. is just an example of what we are capable of!

You have 2 weeks to stop ACTA in Greece otherwhise we will do CYBERWARFARE by defacing 300 sites and all the media and ministries (Read more:


According to Cyber Crime Dept of the Greek police, the attack was launched via s server in Sweden. Police estimates that the attack was launched by young members of the G.H.S. (Greek Hacking Scene), so news portal NewsIt. Allegedly the Anonymous group claimed, they had also launched a attacks against the website of the Athens Municipality and Mayor Yiorgos Kaminis on Feb 1.

Greece police tries to trace the electronic traces of the hackers and is expected to make annoucnement on the case in the following days.

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