Juncker – Lagarde: Seal Greek Bailout With a €130-Billion Kiss

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Chiefs among themselves: Luxembourg’s Prime Minister and  Eurogroup chief Jean-Claude Juncker bends over IMF Chief Christine Lagarde and gives her a passionate kiss. She closes her eyes while she enjoys his tender lips and his protective hand on her shoulder. A kiss that seals the second bailout for Greece. This is a kiss worth 130 billion euro! . 

When you look closer at the picture the kiss is not thaaat passionate after all. A Sagittarius (Juncker) and a Capricorn (Lagarde) do not have much chances for a karmic relation like the one between Merkel and Sarkozy. So. please, do not start word games like “Junckarde” or “Lancker”. OK? Although, you can never be sure…

And here’s the video to this festive and romantic occasion.

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PS I think his eyes are open! Juncker is a playful Sagittarious, after all 😛  🙂