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Daily Archives: March 8, 2012

Donations to Help Greek State with Debt-Crisis Reached 5 Million Euro

Almost 5 million euros has been deposited in a bank account opened in May 2010 to collect donations to help pay off Greece’s debt, it was revealed on Thursday. The account was opened after a proposal by Parliament Speaker Filippos Petsalnikos in May 2010, when Greece asked the European Union …

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Legal Advisers in Greek Public Sector Get 15% Wages Increases

While the majority of Greeks suffer painful income decreases, legal advisers appointed in the public service get salary increases between 10% and 15% within the next three years. Furthermore, the lawyers will receive their increases retroactive from November 1, 2011. While others get their 20% decreases retroactive… No austerity for us thanks, …

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Happy Women’s Day: Baby Boy Born in a Super Puma Helicopter

The little boy was in a hurry this morning. He could not wait that his mother would reach a maternity hospital. He was born in a Super Puma helicopter, 8 nautical miles south of the island of Syros, Cyclades, at a height of 2,000 feet above the earth surface. The ambulance helicopter was transferring the …

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All Eyes On Greek PSI

Expectations on a successful Greek bond swap (PSI) are high, just a few hours before the official offer of the Greek state expires on Thursday night (2000GMT/ 8 pm local time). The Greek government seems optimistic. “It is going well, we are optimistic,” a Greek official told Reuters on conditions …

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ELSTAT: Greek Unemployment Hit 21% in Dec 2011

Unemployment in Greece is out of control as it breaks one record after the other. According to Greek Statistics Authority, unemployment reached 21% in December 2011 with the number of jobless Greeks exceeding one million people. In comparison, unemployment was 14.8% in December 2010 and 20.9% in November 2011. The total …

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