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Daily Archives: March 26, 2012

Ferry Boat Tickets: 6% Hikes as of April 1, 2012

Talking about promoting tourism and being competitive… Passengers are due to pay 6% more for ferry  boats tickets and car transportation as of 1. April 2012. For a family of four that travels with car, that’s 20 euro more, considering that the kids will have reduced fares. According to news …

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Crowfunded Project: “Join Us in Greece” by “Up Greek Tourism”

“Up Greek Tourism” Advertising campaign has been launched at New York last Friday. The 2-minute animated billboard in Times Square has been made possible through contributions from Greeks around the world. The campaign aims to make Greece attractive to potential tourists form the USA. The billboard designed to  highlight Greece’s beauty was organized by volunteer …

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The Ultimate German Provocation Against Greeks!

That’s an unprecedented provocation incited against our Greek men. A provocation made in Germany. A Knockout hit below the belt. Literally and metaphorically. An allegation aiming to destroy the last shreds of our debt-ridden men’s self-esteem amid recession, unemployment, income decrease and uncertain future. The Institute for Condom Beratung based in Singen/Germany …

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BBC – Merkel Interview: Eurozone Must Avoid Greek Exit

German Chancellor Angela Merkel told BBC that it would be a huge political mistake if  debt-ridden Greece was allowed to leave the eurozone. In an exclusive interview to British broadcaster, Merkel warned that the eurozone would be “incredible weakened” without Greece. She openly said that Greece has still “a long and …

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Erdogan Tells Obama: Theological School of Halki to Reopen

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan apparently decided to reopen the Greek Orthodox Theological School of Halki. Erdogan revealed his decision to US President Barack Obama during a meeting in Seoul, South Korea. “I congratulated the Prime Minister on the efforts that he’s made within Turkey to protect religious minorities.  …

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Job Interview in Recession-Hit Greece (Hilarious Video)

The days are longer. Ahead are six months full of sun and hope.  New week, new opportunities. Time to get a job, if you don’t have one. However, beware! As recession prevails and high unemployment makes the struggle for even a low-paid job a competition without compare. Take a look on how …

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