Defense Minister: Greece’s “Silent Military Force Can Make a Deafening Noise If Necessary”

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 I am unable to decode the message of Greek caretaker Defense Minister Frangoulis Fragos, former Chief of Land Forces. Did the retired general address Greece’s friends or Greece’s external and/or internal foes?

“I wish the Democracy functions and I will directly deliver [the mandate] to the elected Minister of Defense,” Frangos said during a memorial ceremony in Marasia at the prefecture of Evros, NE Greece.

“But I want to tell you something” he added. “Do not doubt about the capacities of the Greek Army. I repat again. Yes, it is an averting force, but strong, silent military force that will make a deafening noise if necessary”.

Newspaper Proto Thema commented on its website “that Frangos wanted to send a message to friends and allies.”

Military news portal Onalert noted that “The wish for the functioning of Democracy is rather useful in the days we live, with the Greek society to see and here voices of the vampires from the past.”

Another military news portal Defencenet commented that Frangos “clearly implied offensive operations,” as he delivered his message at the Evros area at the borders.

Huh? One message, three interpretations?

If June 17 elections won’t bring together a new government would this mean that the Democracy is not functioning?