Tsipras Calls on Greek Government to End Talks With Troika

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Main opposition leader and Syriza chief Alexis Tsipras called on Greek government to end any discussion with the representatives of the EC-ECB-IMF troika, and propose an EU Summit meeting to focus on a different strategy for Greece. 
Addressing the Syriza parliamentary group on Monday, Tsipras voiced his party’s determination to engage in dynamic action against privatisations and made a special reference to the case of ATEbank, calling it a “premeditated crime”.
He also referred to the Hellenic Postbank, stressing that “private interests and their stooges” will be met with his party’s strong reaction.
The Syriza leader further lashed out at the three-party government, accusing it of letting time pass instead of negotiating, effectively accepting the country’s “total isolation”, as he claimed.
He spoke of “imminent bankruptcy measures,” adding that “the programme has failed.” He also said that the memorandum has gone bankrupt and “its architects, like the IMF, are the first to jump ship.”
“If (German Chancellor) Merkel wishes us to go bankrupt, it would be best if we dare her to say so herself and let her shoulder the consequences,” Tsipras before pointing out that “the memorandum and the 72 economic measures announced before the elections, will lead the country to a social collapse come fall and those who do not realize it are simply inadequate and dangerous.” (AthensNews Agency via AthensNews)
The call of Tsipras comes a day prior Troika’s visit to Athens for curcial talks with Samaras government. On austerity measures, missed fiscal targets and bailout tranche of 31 billion euro. What else….