Greece’s English-speaking Newspaper “Athens News” on 24h Strike, Jul 25/2012

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The staff of Greece’s oldest English speaking newspaper Athens News launches a 24-hour strike on Wednesday, July 25th 2012.  Journalists, administrative personnel and technicians have not been paid for two months, the staff informed the papers’ readers via Twitter on Tuesday night.

A.N. statement uploaded early Wednesday on the paper’s website:

 The staff of the Athens News will be on a 24-hour strike on Wednesday July 25.

Staff took this decision because they have not been paid their salaries for almost two months. Nor have they received their statutory summer pay entitlement.
In addition, freelance staff at the newspaper were last paid in April.
The strike action will mean that the newspaper’s newsroom and classifieds office will be closed and that our website,, will not be updated from 6am on July 25 to 6am the following day.
The print edition of the newspaper will be published on Friday, as normal, but with 40 instead of the regular 48 pages.
Staff regret any inconvenience to our loyal readers and would like to assure them that they remain dedicated to the newspaper’s objective of reporting on Greece in English, as they have done in the sixty years since the title was established in 1952. (Athens News)