KTG is swimming around… tagged:

KTG is swimming around…

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KTG is taking advantage of the shortage of important  news n August. KTG is swimming around, while strong winds  are blowing with an intensity of 8 Beaufort. That we can call “adventure at the beach”.

 KTG is “surfng” around with a tny notebook, including a lazy keyboard, with the majority of upper row keys somehow protesting the typng.

 A Greek major internet provider is doing ts best to block creative bloging: my new USB stick refuses to fulfill its written commitments and obligations and the customer service promised me:  the technical support will call me back… sometime – even after my vacation is over lol

 I am surrounded by cows, goats and chicken. The roster next farm, is very talkative and he seems to be in a permanent argument with the other rosters of the area. Most of the day. Thank God, they shut up and go to bed with the chicken…