Friday , December 15 2017
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KTG is swimming around…

KTG is taking advantage of the shortage of important  news n August. KTG is swimming around, while strong winds  are blowing with an intensity of 8 Beaufort. That we can call “adventure at the beach”.

 KTG is “surfng” around with a tny notebook, including a lazy keyboard, with the majority of upper row keys somehow protesting the typng.

 A Greek major internet provider is doing ts best to block creative bloging: my new USB stick refuses to fulfill its written commitments and obligations and the customer service promised me:  the technical support will call me back… sometime – even after my vacation is over lol

 I am surrounded by cows, goats and chicken. The roster next farm, is very talkative and he seems to be in a permanent argument with the other rosters of the area. Most of the day. Thank God, they shut up and go to bed with the chicken…


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  1. Hello KTG, how about posting some holiday pictures (assuming you’ve got a camera of some sorts)?

  2. keeptalkinggreece

    got a new camera have difficulties to make dimensions smaller… I’m not a big taking pictures fan, but I will try. I wantd to add some pictures in this post but it wasn’t possible for some reasons, unknown to me lol

  3. Oh well, let’s see whether AntonisX comes to your rescue here (wrt. camera & dimensions). Anyways, enjoy your adventure at the beach 😀

  4. Enjoy your time on K******s. Any possibility on a small blog-post about ‘cutting proof’ or receipts in comparison to the media-reports of 100% not getting them? 😉

  5. keeptalkinggreece

    my big KTG beach adventures ? LOL

  6. keeptalkinggreece

    if I do this post, the residents will take the house I’m in under siege lol However I’m working on some stories from here.

  7. Don’t think KTG needs rescuing. But I did look up the manual of her camera and did not find a real in-camera resize feature. So, it probably has to be done the old-fashioned way on a computer? Advantage is that you then can sharpen the pics a bit for output on a screen. Makes them a bit crisper, because they loose that when you downsize a pic. 😉

  8. “Chicken! Chicken! (…) Oh, oh. I see! Running away, eh?!” 😆

  9. keeptalkinggreece

    excellent! thank you Antonis for checking the size issue. I understood too that there is no real resize featuree except zoom-in/out. what’s the old fashioned way on the pc? I used to send smaller to my email and then copy the new size. but I cannot do it right now. any idea ?

  10. keeptalkinggreece

    I remember from Angel’s Heart “I got this thing about chicken” lol

  11. I know a modern way. I know you have an gmail-account. With that you can use google+ In Google+ you can upload pictures. If you have uploaded them, you can edit them. Resize and sharpen are a few of the options. After that you should be able to download them again or to hotlink them to KTG-blog.
    This might work. For more detailed advise I would need much more info about your technical ‘surroundings’ right now… (things like your bank account and password would be nice too. LOL!)
    But I hope this might be a bit of an answer.

  12. keeptalkinggreece

    do not tell me I have to open a new bank account for you… oops! a new google+, google- or whatever just to resize some pictures. My technical surroundings right now except the rooster, the cows and the goats is my notebook and the camera 🙂

  13. Hmmm, cows too??? Thats pure luxury on that island of yours. Guess a minibar with some cold drinks are at hand too?
    Notebook, as in Windows? Afraid Windows Photo Gallery does not have the ability to resize anymore. Cropping? Yes.
    Guess you need to download a small program or, like they say nowadays: an App. Irfanview is small and one of the greatest freeware programs I have ever known. I use it now for more then 10 years. And I think everybody needs to have it on their windows pc/notebook. You can get it here: for free.
    Hope it works, because I am dying to see some real KTG bikini-shots! 😀

  14. keeptalkinggreece

    “real KTG bikini-shots”? No wonder your comment landedin the spam section. Really! lol
    no minibar available as I live in a real house of relatives with real huge fridge and all kinds of cold drinks 🙂
    ps I’m still struggling with the pictures. Windows has some options but as I do by learning, I pick up an option, try it and then forget which one it was when I return from swimming lol