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Euro-Group Head JC Juncker Enjoyed Austerity Dinner in Athens

It came as expected: The dinner hosted by Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras to honour head of Euro group Jean-Claude Juncker. An austerity dinner in a country short before it goes bust. A real low-calories, spartan dinner with boiled vegetables and fish.

 A light dinner  at the Acropolis Museum with view at the illuminated Acropolis: Tomatoes with herbs, Grouper of the sea bass family with boiled vegetables, a lemon sorbet. White wine of limited edition.

Rumors that after the official dinner, Juncker raided  a local souvlaki  diner and ordered two gyros-pitta with everything (potatoes, tzatziki, tomatoes, onions), one Choriatiki – extra cheese are not confirmed. Neither are confirmed claims that Juncker was seen exiting a pastry shop with a huge box full of galaktoboureko…

But on second thought, Juncker deserved it well to leave the dinner table still hungry. He declared, he was a friend of Greece but refrained from committing himself to support the bailout extension.

PS KTG has repeatedly advised Mrs Juncker to stuff some taper ware in Jean-Claude’s luggage ahead his Athens visit, but it seems bloggers’ advises are not taken seriously.


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  1. He was like the good cop and Merkel the bad cop. I’m not saying Greece is a criminal, but it is treated as one.